Our students cant wait each semester for Aqua Massage to come back. It has become expected.

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Aqua Massage has been so one of the best events that this University has experienced. We encourage everyone to give it an opportunity to see how it can benefit not only the students but the school. 

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Being in the  massage business isn't easy. It takes a staff of well organized individuals that trained in and in tuned with the needs of the client. We consider our staff on the cutting edge and pioneers in this industry.

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We are located in Surf City North Carolina. Currently Aqua Massage services over 265 institutions per year, more than any vendor of its type. Last year we massaged over 9000 students throughout the United States. Our Sales department, technical support staff, accounting and finance and drivers take pride in what we do. Our first year in business in 2008 we serviced 28 schools. We are now doing De-Stress events at almost 10 times the amount of schools. Our staff is always working on innovative ideas to meet the needs of students in this most stressfull time of their life.


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              Jeremy, Dir. of Sales &  Operations


What We Do

Okay so the biggest issue the faces most institutions today is funding and budget. We are the solution. Lets compare any other DE-Stress program dollar for dollar or the SPPE( Student Participation Per Event). Our average SPPE is 212 students per event. For example; if you have a massage person come in to do table or chair massages, how many students can they get thru the program? 20 or maybe 25? We run between 180-220 students thru one of our massage programs. Here's how.

  • 3 min in a Hydrotherapy Water Massage Bed is equal to 15 min of a table massage
  • With the additional equipment that we bring to a program we can get additional 6-10 students every 5 min thru the program
  • If you spend $500 on a massage person and they only take care of 20 students then your SPPE rate is higher. This would equal $25.00 per student. You would have to hire 10 massage specialist to do 200 students which would cost you $5000.00
  • If you spend $2000.00 on an Aqua Massage event and we do 200 students your SPPE rate is lower. This would equal $10.00 per student

Keep in mind that we have 6 Massage specialist on staff and they are valuable to the success of our company, however in most cases they are booked as an add on to a Hydrotherapy Massage Waterbed program.