The Inversion Table Experience  

We bring 4 Therapeutic Inversion Tables to your event.  You can enjoy the benefit of inversion and the relaxation and other benefits you gain from it as you feel it  from your head to your toe.

Smoothie Bar Experience

We provide you with low sugar, fat free, gluten free real fruit puree smoothies. We provide the cups, straws and even the bar.

Oxygen Bar Party

Book your 4 or 6 person O2 BAR. The benefits are amazing. Increased energy, mental clarity & increased concentration.

Ask about our Complete Stress Day Packages!!!

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Treat your students to a relaxing wax treatment. This program serves up to 200 students.

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Chair & Table Massages

We have a complete staff of Massage Specialist. They are great to bring in addition to the Massage Waterbeds or to just use them as a stand alone item.

Aqua Massage & More

Standard Hydrotherapy Package

2 Hydrotherapy Massage Waterbeds

2 Upright Back Massagers

2 Massage Pillows

2 Therapeutic Foot Massagers