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                          Q  & A for the Inquisitive  

Q. Where are the prices?

A. We don't put the prices on our website due to the rate will be determined based on the positioning of the truck. If we are in the area the rate could be significantly lower.

Q. How much will each service cost me?

​A. Below is the rack rates for 2016. Please keep in mind that pricing is all based on availability and based on the answer from question 1 above.

2016 Rack rates

  • Hydrotherapy Massage Program $2495.00
  • Smoothie Bar Experience $1495.00(300ppl)
  • Oxygen Bar Party $1495.00 (150ppl)
  • Paraffin Wax Treatment $995.00(200ppl)
  • Chair & Table Massages Program $1495.00
  • Therapeutic Massage Chairs $1995.00(4 chairs)
  • Extra Hydrotherapy Waterbed $1000.00
  • Massage Specialist Ala Cart $750.00
  • Therapeutic Foot Massagers $100.00each
  • Upright Back Massagers $75.00each
  • Massage Pillows $50.00 each

Q. Does Aqua Massage carry the proper insurance?

A. Our COI meets the standards that have been put forth by accredited colleges and universities.

Q. Why use Aqua Massage over other companies of this nature?

A. First and foremost, factually Aqua Massage and More has massaged more students and schools in the United States then any 10 companies combined. For us its not just a massage program but an EVENT! Environment is what we create. From the layout to the music and the professionalism that our techs and drivers create makes us a cut above everyone else.

Q. How long is a program?

A. We have a lead time for a 2 hour set up and we then the  program is 4 hours.

Q. Do students get wet when they get in the Waterbeds?

A. Absolutely NOT. The only items you remove before entering the bed is your shoes, hats, phones, keys or any sharp objects.

Q. How safe are the beds since there is water and electricity combined.

A. The beds are UL certified and completely safe. There are 8 failsafe mechanisms that shut the bed off in the case where something is not functioning correctly.  No recorded or reported incidents to date.

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